Ramblin' Kind (Live From Our Place)

Man, we miss playing LIVE in front of real human beings! In the meantime, we figured we'd find a new way to bring the music to the people. Here's the first video from our new series "Live From Our Place". We decided to kick things off with Ramblin' Kind from our 2018 EP Damaged Goods. Hope you dig it!

The Decoys
Ramblin' Kind (Live From Our Place)
Recorded 08/19/2020
Matt Stanley - Vocals & Guitar
Sean Poissant - Drums
Kris Ruston - Keys & Vocals
Jeff Dineley - Bass
Written by Matt Stanley
Arranged by The Decoys
Directed & Edited by Alexander Todd
Audio Engineered by Sean Poissant
Audio Mixed by Kris Ruston
Original version from 2018's "Damaged Goods"