Stripped, Bare, And On Display

Stripped, Bare, And On Display 
Original release date: August 12, 2011

Produced by Matt Stanley and The Decoys & Henry Small
Recorded by Nels B. Taylor (Vogville) and Kris Ruston (Small World)
Assisted by Josh Asselstine (Vogville)

Recorded at Vogville Recordings, Vancouver BC
Recorded, Mixing, and Mastered at Small World Studios, Kamloops BC
Mixed by Kris Ruston and Henry Small
Mastered by Kris Ruston

Art Direction by Jarrett Boyetchko

Matt Stanley and The Decoys:
Jarrett Boyetchko - Lead Guitar
Brandon Donovan - Bass Guitar
Sean Poissant - Drums
Matt Stanley - Vocals and Guitar

All Lyrics by Matt Stanley
All Music by Matt Stanley, except 'Streetlight' (Donovan) and 'Modern Disaster' (Boyetchko).


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  1. Streetlight
  2. Modern Disaster
  3. Sandlot Kids
  4. Why You Gotta Talk To Me Like That?
  5. I Know
  6. Been Buried
  7. No Silence
  8. Bridge

All Songs Arranged by Matt Stanley and The Decoys

All songs © 2010, 2011 Matt Stanley, Jarrett Boyetchko, Brandon Donovan (SOCAN/ASCAP)